How to Lose Weight and Lose Fat: A Cool Trick

Not so crazy after all

How to Lose Weight and Lose Fat: A Cool Trick

Cold temperatures have a dramatic effect on the body as anyone who has spent time in the Northeast can attest to. In this case we are concerned about the effects that cold temperatures have on fat loss, and those affects are astounding. The internal temperature of the body is usually a balmy 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and the body works hard to maintain that temperature and homeostasis. Cold temperatures force the body to battle and struggle to keep the body warm enough to maintain that temperature level. One mechanism the body has to fight this is shivering, we’ve all been there and experienced it but little did we know what was really going on. When shivering the body is activating and burning fatty acids as fuel in order to start the process of shivering and increase the body’s temperature. It has also been shown that shivering can activate the mechanisms that allow for gains in lean mass.

Exposure to cold can also activate Brown Adipose Tissue which is the good son to White Adipose Tissue’s bad son. White Adipose Tissue is the common fat we all know and hate while Brown Adipose Tissue is a fat that has the ability to seek out and burn it’s evil brother. Brown Adipose Tissue is found mostly in the upper back and neck as well as the upper chest. One strategy is to sit with an ice pack on your upper back and upper chest for approximately 30 minutes at night before you go to sleep. The cold exposure also helps to relax the body and prepare you for a better sleep. The ice pack is the easy method for activating Brown Adipose Tissue but there are an infinite number of possibilities to expose your body to cold; you can take an ice bath, keep your AC on all the time, go for walks in cold weather wearing t-shirts and shorts, anything that will expose you to cold temperatures and bring on shivering can help you with some extra sneaky fat loss. For further reading and success stories about these methods you can check out NASA scientist Ray Cronise and The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris.

Next time shovel in a speedo!

Scott Mailman

Twitter: @atlasathletics

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