5 Reasons Why A High Protein Diet Is Awesome

Protein, it's what's for dinner...and breakfast and lunch and snack

Protein, it’s what’s for dinner…and breakfast and lunch and snack

5 Reasons Why A High Protein Diet Is Awesome

 1. Protein equals free calories

Due to a process called the Thermic Effect of Food, 30% of all calories derived from protein is used just by the body to process that protein. If you have a meal that contains 100 g of protein which equals 400 calories, 120 calories are used by the body to process that protein leaving a net gain of only 280 calories gained. No other nutrient has such a high thermic yield and it allows protein to be the ultimate “diet food”.

2.  Protein is filling

Protein will satiate you for a longer period of time than carbs or fats. Carbs and fats send signals to the brain that make us want to eat more of the non-healthy foods, while protein activates the hormone leptin which tells the brain to curb hunger and start fat burning. Eating high protein meals will make you fell less hungry for long periods of time and keep you from snacking on unhealthy things like potato chips and candy.

3. Protein builds muscle

Protein and it’s component amino acids are what make up muscle tissue in the body. Lean muscle mass is a fat burning inferno which constantly needs energy, and eating a high protein diet ensures that the lean muscle is not starved of protein and will seek out fat for fuel instead.

4.  Protein leads to a better quality overall diet

By eating a high protein diet you will automatically be limiting your intake of calories from carbs and fats. Prioritizing protein over fats and unhealthy carbs will make for the healthiest diet and the one that is best for better body composition.  Due to the above stated benefits of eating high protein such as increased level of satiety, increased fat burning, and increased muscle building you can see that it is the king of the nutrients and thus should indeed be the bulk of your caloric intake.

 5. Protein is delicious

See below.


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